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I Will Eat You Early Access Review

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Developed and published by GSE, I will eat you is a multiplayer survival game currently in Early Access. You can hop right into the game with friends or strangers, where you are assigned either the role of a bear or a human. If you’re a human, you must hide, run, and do whatever you can to survive until the timer runs out. If you’re a bear, your goal is a little more interesting: eat everyone before the timer runs out.


At this point in Early Access, there are four maps you can choose to play on: a woodland map, a winter town map, an Eastern-themed one, and a boneyard of sorts. The maps are easily one of the best aspects of the game, as they are widely varied and beautiful to look at. Because of the differences in the maps, you can change up your play style for each one. For example, if you want to try your hand at a stealthier survival approach, the winter map is full of houses to hide behind. In contrast, if you want to try outmaneuvering the bear-player and take a risk running around the map, the woodland area is full of open spaces perfect for sprinting. The current amount of variety is nice, and the developers have stated that they plan on adding even more maps in the future.

In addition to the different maps, you can also use the coins you gain after each round to purchase other characters to play as, depending on how high your level is. There are currently two characters other than the default player, with the promise of more as the game continues development. Each one has their own special ability that gives you an advantage, such as the ability to briefly turn into a bird. These characters are a fun way to shake up your play style and provide a nice incentive to keep playing and gaining coins. 


The premise of the game works well as an online multiplayer. You can start a match with only two people, going head-to-head as one human versus one bear, or you can wait for up to eleven other people to join and change up the stakes considerably. You can also make your own password-protected server and play only with friends, if you’re so inclined.

However, it should be noted that you can’t interact with anyone beyond waving in the game. There is no text chat, no voice chat, and no usernames displayed. There are also no end-of-round stat screens to showcase who survived the longest during the round or things of that nature. If you’ve always wanted to play online without actually having to talk to or hear anyone, this title could be right up your alley. But, if you enjoy being able to talk to the other players, this one might not be for you.


As expected of an Early Access title, there are a few glitches to be found, but surprisingly not as many as I expected in an online game. The most common glitch I encountered were the servers crashing whenever someone left a round, and one instance where one of the human players spawned as a second bear without any of its abilities. 

The biggest issue I faced overall wasn’t a glitch, but the wait times. There were several instances where I couldn’t find a single match within an hour of waiting. All in all, I’d say that less than half of my time in the game was actually playing and the rest was spent waiting. While this isn’t a technical issue, sitting around and being unable to play could be quite frustrating. 

On top of this, the overall longevity of the title is a concern. Apart from unlocking the two other characters, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of incentive to keep playing after you finish a few matches, as you’ll have already seen most of what the title has to offer. The developers do plan on holding in-game events in the future, so it is possible that the longevity could be extended. In either case, the current low price for the title is fair for the amount of gameplay offered. 


The Verdict: Good

I will eat you is an entertaining multiplayer title with well-designed maps that help add some variety to the gameplay. Though the overall content is a bit limited and the long wait times can hinder the experience, the price is surprisingly fair for what is being offered. If GSE can keep adding more content, then the full release is definitely something fans of the survival multiplayer genre should keep an eye out for. 

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