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Re:Legend Early Access Review

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Developed by Magnus Games Studio and published by 505 Games, Re:Legend is a charming RPG adventure game currently in Early Access. Your adventure starts when you awaken on the shores of Vokka Island without any memories, leaving you to start your life anew in the interesting town and work toward regaining your lost memories. 


As you get settled into town and start trying to uncover your past, you’ll be guided to the next steps in your adventure through the main quest. First and foremost, you’ll need to make your character. While there is not much customization in way of character design (usually six options or less in each category), the overall design of the characters, the town, and the creatures are very cute. Don’t let the visually pleasing graphics fool you, though, as soon enough you’ll be faced with fighting tough mythical creatures known as magnus. Much of the main quest revolves around combat, making it an important skill to hone in order to continue progressing.

In spite of what the wonderfully cute art style might have you believe, the combat actually has a nice range of difficulty, with some enemies being relatively easy to beat and others frustratingly hard. You can fight these enemies alone in single-player mode, or join efforts with friends in online multiplayer. In either case, there are four weapon types you can use within your journey: bow and arrows, great swords, dual swords, and magical staves. You can choose to boost your skills to suit whatever weapon you pick through the skill points you gain when leveling up, as well as use all of your magnus loot to upgrade your armor and equipment as they unlock. The skill points, loot, and level-locked crafting items provide a great incentive to keep playing and slay creatures, and you can easily lose an hour or two in your haste to keep advancing. 


If you ever want to take a break from combat, there are plenty of other things to do as well. You can grow a thriving garden on your farm, use your produce to cook or profit to your heart’s content, or go out to one of the various bodies of water and try your hand at fishing. You can also go into caves to mine ore, chop down trees for lumber, and befriend (and do side quests for) the townspeople. If you’re feeling brave, you can even go out into the combat zones and attempt to tame some of the magnus to aid you in later battles, as well as care for the successfully tamed ones at your farm. There is an impressive amount of variety in the things you can do outside of fighting, which allows you to shape your character and gameplay in any direction you want. 

While there are many fun things to do within Re:Legend, very few of them are actually explained. What little tutorials there are tend to be vague, and the rest of the actions are simply up to you to figure out through trial and error. Though these aspects can eventually be figured out without help, the implementation of more in-depth tutorials could help to avoid quite a bit of unnecessary frustration. 


As expected in the Early Access stage, Re:Legend is riddled with quite a few bugs. Though some are minor and easily overlooked, there are times when they can make the game downright frustrating. I would occasionally get stuck in an endless black loading screen, forcing me to shut down the game manually, and there were multiple times when playing the fishing mini-game would completely freeze the title, forcing me to close it manually as well. At one point, I had to force the program to close three times within a two-hour period, which definitely interrupted what could have been a fun experience otherwise. Added on to this, the frames per second would frequently drop while in combat, making it much easier to get killed overall. It’s also worth noting that the title made my computer run very hot and would spike my CPU usage despite having more than the ideal specs. 

Despite the frustrating amount of current bugs, Re:Legend definitely has the potential to be a great game. The developers do listen to feedback and update the game with patches pretty frequently. Although there is still a lot left to fix and optimize, what does work is exceedingly fun to play and I am definitely looking forward to what the final version of the game will have to offer.


The Verdict: Flawed

As much as I would love to recommend Re:Legend, there are simply too many bugs, crashes, and optimization issues at this point in Early Access. Looking past that, the title offers a charming art style, an impressive amount of gameplay variety, and a fun experience overall. If Magnus Games Studio can iron out all of the current issues, then the full release definitely has the potential to be an impressive RPG and is worth keeping an eye out for.

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