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The Supper Review

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The Supper is a short, point-and-click dark adventure game from developer Octavi Navarro. You play as Ms. Appleton, the sweet and kind owner of a local tavern. Well, she was until The Voice started talking to her, that is.


Your main objective is to help Ms. Appleton gather the right ingredients for her devious – er, delicious – meals. There are some light puzzle solving elements to obtaining the various ingredients, but it’s all pretty straightforward. Nothing to get stuck on here.

Though the puzzles are relatively simple, they’re a good bit of morbid fun. Not many games ask you to throw boots at pigeons or serve up hands to your tavern customers, so there’s definitely some uniqueness to the objectives. The pixel art graphics also help add to the charm while keeping the title from being overtly gory.


Clocking in at around twenty to thirty minutes of total gameplay, calling The Supper a “bite-sized” game is entirely accurate. However, the developer has managed to create a story in that short time frame. In spite of the very few minutes you spend with Ms. Appleton, you are able to connect with her to some degree, which is an impressive feat given the playthrough length. There’s also a nice twist beyond what is clearly in the secret sauce, which ties the whole story together in a fresh and unique way.

While the ending is wrapped up in a satisfying conclusion, I would like to see more of the story. The middle of Ms. Appleton’s darker, Voice-influenced career is alluded to, which would be fun to see more of and expand on. I’d also like to see more of the world itself.

There are some parts of the narrative that don’t make total sense if you think about them for too long (such as how and why some things are openly on the menu, why certain characters have returned, and why Ms. Appleton has not been found out by any authorities), but then the story is incredibly short, so there is not much time for the worldbuilding that could answer these.


The Verdict: Good

The Supper is a brief game, but most definitely a fun one. It’s hard to squeeze too much narrative detail into such a small amount of gameplay, but the narrative that is there does a good job telling a dark and interesting tale. If you’re looking for a bit of quick, slightly morbid fun, look no further.

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